Dr. Palak Bansal

Dr. Palak Bansal

BDS, MBA in Hospital Management


Dr. Palak Bansal is a highly experienced medical professional with impressive credentials. She completed her BDS with an MBA in Hospital management from the prestigious Himachal Pradesh University and has a wide range of responsibilities that she handles seamlessly.

She oversees training and performance mentoring of the resident doctors, organizes professional and development programs, and monitors state and federal education, claims handling and workplace safety and sanitation. She also performs several vital administrative duties such as clinical and on-clinical staff recruitment, counseling, labour mediation, staff retention and morale, personnel management and employee orientation. She manages and prioritizes the well being of both patients and staff with her eagle-eyed attention for detail and heartwarming care.

She is the backbone of BS HeartCare and Speciality Hospital, and ensures that it works like a well-oiled machine by consistently putting her best efforts forward.

  • BDS, MBA in Hospital Management