Advance Physiotherapy Clinic In Kurukshetra

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Our mission at the Physiotherapy department of the BS HeartCare Centre and Multispeciality Hospital is to ensure that the health, functional abilities and quality of life is restored post any operation, accident and traumatic event. While some may believe operations and discharge from hospitals to be the end of the hurdle, the battle is still on as the body takes time to recover. Physiotherapy is used to help restore the body to its earlier range of motion and ensure independence. We work patiently, continuously and tirelessly to ensure that our patients recover physically and mentally, and that access to premium quality care is never an issue.

The Department of Physiotherapy on our premises is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners who have gathered significant experience by working with some of the biggest names in the field, on a large variety of complex cases. The department is integral to the functioning of the hospital, and ensures that all patients can regain their independence, expand and maximize movement and return to robust health following operations and any form of injury, pain or disability. The physiotherapy team works in tandem with the department of orthopaedics, who use stretching, strength and stabilization exercises to restore movement capacity, strength and function to patients post their operations. Our exceptionally qualified team is also aided by state of the art equipment needed to aid in patient recovery. Our aim is to provide top quality physical therapy and rehabilitative facilities, and we ensure that each patient recovers at the pace that is right for them. Certified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists also deliver excellent outpatient services for back care, sports injury rehabilitation and work-accident rehabilitation programs, and work tirelessly to meet the expectations of patients and consistently go beyond them to service them in numerous ways.

Manual Therapy

Also called hands on therapy, manual therapy is commonly used for normal physical pain relief and requires no machines or devices. It is used as a primary care option. We offer manual physiotherapy in Kurukshetra to treat acute or chronic pain in the joints.

Joint Mobilizations

Joint mobilization is used to achieve therapeutic effect. Doctors usually adopt a type of manual therapy intervention, a straight-line, passive movement technique, to achieve arthrokinetic joint motion (joint gliding).

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is used to relieve patients of muscle pain in the form of warm clothes, hot water bottles, heating pads, etc. Physiotherapists can also treat deep routed tissue with shortwave, microwaves, and ultrasonic waves. This produces a high temperature that penetrates to the depth of the tissue and helps in healing it completely over a period of time..


Cryotherapy, or cold therapy in layman terms, aims to reduce blood flow to the area of pain by applying ice packs, coolant sprays and ice massages or ice baths to the affected area which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain, especially around a joint or a tendon.

Mobility Exercises

Mobility exercises are often used to increase the ability of a joint to actively move through a range of motion. These exercises promote good speed and power.